wthispattysimcox replied to your post: 18, 4
IF LOVING BEAUTY AND A BEAT IS WRONG I DON’T WANNA BE RIGHT - also it’s kind of Nicki’s point that she doesn’t have to be pretty for us, she puts that in her music too.

Oh how she looks and all doesn’t matter to me. If they like to dress fun and all ‘cause they like it: keep doing it. I just think it’s a pity when she for example sing; ‘I’m on the floor, I love to dance, so give me more until I can’t stand’ it sounds gorgeous the part before that (song is Starships) is.. oke, a bit artistic I’d guess, it’s not awful but just, ‘wait wut’,. But then after that.. ‘Higher than a m*therfu-’ I’m like ‘Nooooo D:’ whyyy. But I’d guess that’s just my taste then. :’) I think it’s a pity of a catchy fun get-happy song.