figureitoutslowly : 18, 4

Blaaah I forgot I forgot! D: 

I do hope I can make it up to you.. you know what, I’ll tell a bad secret I don’t want to say but.. after all who cares.. I like to listen to ‘Beauty and a Beat from Justin Bieber with Nicki Miniaj. Nicki has a gorgeous voice but I just hate the fact that she’s kinda trying to make is awesome with all those awful dubstep things in her own songs..

Another song I’m wildly listening right now is the Acoustic version of Gangnam Style. You might know I like to sing along Japanese and Korean songs but I couldn’t do that with Gangnam Style since it goes so fast I can’t hear PSY well.. But these two girls make it sing along so I can sing the PSY version along too next time! Hahahaha. /hidesincornernow

  1. wthispattysimcox said: IF LOVING BEAUTY AND A BEAT IS WRONG I DON’T WANNA BE RIGHT - also it’s kind of Nicki’s point that she doesn’t have to be pretty for us, she puts that in her music too.
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