My dear followers and friends, I need your help for something. For a subject from school I need to make a typography poster but the biggest issue is that it needs to be readable. 

My question: Can you read what this says, or have you difficulties with one letter or something else. (Also I’m doubting about an ‘!’ at the end, yes or no.)

This is still a bit in a concept phase, there will be some more details like more haircolours than just one colour orange. The concept is that this quote is often said by Ronald Weasley and thus the colour orange, since he’s a ginger.

  1. ongeduldig said: jaaa, leesbaar (d, hah) Echt een heel leuk idee! Ik zou de ! er wel achter doen. :)
  2. queensansastarkhasmoved said: Yup, very readable. I’d tweak the “d” a bit more though, make it look less like an “o”. And maybe make the “b” less solid
  3. thisisthewrongplace said: it’s fine (:
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